Mission- and Vision-Statement

Coral Enterprises, Inc. is designed to be a global recognized and profitable organization with the purpose of serving businesses through tradeshow- and exhibition-consulting to assist them to reach and exceed their goals.

Coral Enterprises treats all of it’s customers, suppliers, partners and associates with utmost respect.

Coral Enterprises leads in an organized manner and enjoys creating greater vision and success in harmony with the creative Laws of the Universe. It is Coral Enterprise’s intent to give to every person a use value in excess of the cash value it receives.

It is Coral Enterprises purpose to bring prosperity and happyness into the personal lives and business-affairs of it’s customers, so that they may enjoy time- and money-freedom.

The owners of Coral Enterprises are motivated each day through courage and a belief in themselves and others. They live by the values of integrity, freedom of choice, and love for all people and creations. They strive to keep their commitment to Coral Enterprises, it’s customers, associates and suppliers.
Horst Tondasch, President
Coral Enterprises, Inc.